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Exists to persuade a visitor to become a member and to provide a conversion point.

Context of Use

Applies to any site that require users to convert into members in order to gain other benefits. It applies especially to walled-garden style applications, such as Blinksale or Backpack.

Task Flow

Typically, a user explores information relevant in being convinced to convert, and at some point goes through the conversion process, and the user begins using the application once confirmed as a new member. Alternatively, the user can begin using the application without registering, and is asked to register only once it is absolutely necessary to continue.

Where Used


  • Value Proposition: communicates the purpose of an application
  • Investment Breakdown: features and benefits, but ultimately communicates how much effort will be required to start being productive with an application
  • » Testimonial
  • Call to Action: a direct command that tells users how to get started and compels them to do so
  • Blank Slate / Immediate Engagement: part of the application a user can access and experiment with prior to signing up; also, elements used to guide users through their first use of an application
  • Registration form: the conversion process through which a visitor becomes a subscriber/member/customer

Design Criteria

  • Communicate a clear value proposition
  • Set expectations
  • Demonstrate that it works well
  • Encourage action and enable progress
  • Associate the user to the user’s actions