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Movie Sites


Brochureware site designed to persuade visitors to see the advertised movie.

Context of Use

Simply, a person who wants to learn more about a particular movie visits the site to read the synopsis, view the trailer, review the cast list, and/or other related tasks.

Where Used


  • Splash page: essentially, the web version of a billboard about the movie; offers a main entry point into the site, as well as top-level information (release date, cast)
  • Teaser/trailer: video trailer, generally identical to what is used for television commercials and in-theater promotion
  • Cast and crew: list of cast members, the director, producer, etc.
  • Synopsis: summary of the movie’s plot/story

Design Criteria

  • Establish and build a reputation
  • Enable word-of-mouth marketing
  • Engage them
  • Encourage and support lifestyle integration (via downloads, merchandise)