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About Us


Static content that provides additional information about the organization, person, or company responsible for the site.

Context of Use

Used when visitors want to know more about the site owner and/or contact the organization. The elements to include in an About Us implementation depend greatly on the purpose of the site. A public company will offer information about the company’s financial status while a wedding photographer will not. A client list makes sense for a design firm, but not for an independent department store.

Task Flow

Accessed, generally, via global site navigation. The user traverses the information and continues on to other site tasks.

Where Used

» Target
» Merrill Lynch
» Time Warner
» Happy Cog
» Zappos


  • The back story: the history or a person/organization/company
  • Financial status: offers financial information to shareholders; required for public companies
  • Client list: linked list of clients a person or company has worked with
  • Team profile: biographies of significant people involved with a site or company
  • Press releases and news: linked list of news articles and press releases
  • Jobs: information on current openings, how to apply, company culture
  • Contact method: offers email addresses, phone numbers, and/or physical addresses, including customer support, sales, accounting, etc.

Design Criteria

  • Establish brand trust
  • Open communication lines